Chapter 1, Strip 21

Ah, the marvels of the ancient world. A civilisation possesing only the most basic of tools and mechanical knowledge constructs perfectly hidden trapdoors, operated by complex mechanisms, and still working perfectly after 40 centuries of disuse. Only with lots of movie magic of course.

Realistic discussion in an ancient Egyptian family:

“Darling, I brought our primitive cart to the garage, and they said something was wrong with the primitive wooden axle. They can’t do anything, they’ll have to order a new primitive wooden axle from the manufacturer in Thebes.”

“Darn. And on top of it, the heated clay pot burned my toast again! Why doesn’t this thing have any setting in between cold and burnt!”

“Come on, Darling, now you are being unfair. Just remember how hard it used to be to make toast by rubbing two slices of bread against each other. With the heated clay pot, I get breakfast done in less than a day, so we can have it more than once a week.”

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