Chapter 1, Strip 22

Poor Lara. But I just couldn’t pass up the chance to make a ‘Tombraider’ joke, and anyway, such things happen to her regularly. She’ ll just get back up, flicker a little, and go on – trust me, I maneuvered her into a lot of traps while playing.

Actually, this whole sequence is heavily influenced by Tombraider IV in a way, since I well remember the creepy feeling of walking through ancient Egyptian tombs in that game. Off course, Professor Broughtup- Snobishly got a lot more pluck than me.

Good old bucket- on- the- door trick. Interestingly, while a lot of people claim this is the oldest trick ever, ancient Egyptians actually never used it in their tombs. And while we are on the subject of irrelevant information: The hieroglyphs on the bucket spell ‘ITERU’, middle Egyptian for ‘river’.

In case you’ve ever worried about finding yourself in a chamber full of Egyptian sarcophagi and not knowing which one is supposed to be yours, you should take an look at how your name looks in hieroglyphs. Follow this link:
You should also see a psychiatrist. Soon.

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