Chapter 1, Strip 23

Oh, I forgot to mention: wavy frame -> flashback time.

Yeah, I know two guys and one VGC hardly qualify as a LAN-Party, but I couldn’t fit two or more connected computers on that background spot without shrinking to indiscernability. Hotch- Potch, by the way, is a shareware ‘spot- the- difference’ game, for which I did a couple of illustrations some time ago.

Scarabs bearing inscriptions were magical amulets in Ancient Egypt, common in daily life and in tombs alike. Depending on a person’s wealth (or his relatives’ magnanimity) there were big, golden, jewel-encrusted versions as well as tiny clay ones available.

Important information:
Manicotti al Alfredo should be consumed within 1 or 2 days after preparation at the very latest. Never put things you find in Ancient Egyptian tombs into your mouth. Keep little children away from Ancient Egyptian tombs.

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