Chapter 1, Strip 24

Uh, sorry for that terrible pun, but it has kind of a follow up in the next strip, and then it’ll be really funny. I hope.

In other news, I went to see Episode III. Originally, I had made my mind up not to go, but then I read some reviews, for example at and, and so I reconsidered. And boy, am I glad I did.
Episode III is really a great movie, and does everything right that Eps. I and II did wrong. Of course, it has the same lavish amounts of special effects, but this time around, storytelling and acting are up to par, as well. Lucas has even managed the seemingly impossible, and fitted it all snugly together with the first trilogy.
Parental Guidance is really in place, however, lots of cut- off limbs are flying around, and the casualty count comes pretty close to the number of cast members.

Anyway, in celebration of this first good Star Wars movie for decades, and perhaps last ever, I made a bonus strip for today. It’s probably funnier if you’ve seen the movie already (and probably less funny if you’re pregnant), buy I hope you enjoy it in any case.

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