Chapter 1, Strip 25

In Egyptian religion, it was of the utmost importance to have as many and as valuable burial objects as possible, for they would define your standard of ‘living’ in the afterlife. So, having only junk in your grave would have meant you’d be buggered for all eternity. And having only cheap puns in your tomb would mean you have endure them FOREVER- a terrible fate !

How the washing machine ended up in the tomb ? Simple: it was a prize at a tomb-ola ! (Oh No, not another cheap pun!)
I’ve never had the patience to wait for a rinse cycle to run through, so I can’t be sure it really takes more than 4000 years, but I can’t rule it out either.

I know it isn’t good English grammar to negate a sentence by simply adding “-not!” to the end, but in middle Egyptian, it was correct. Simply add the outstretched, palm down, arms to the end of a hieroglyphic sentence, and it is negated. Tell that to anyone who puts you down for using “-not!”.

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