Chapter 1, Strip 26

When I grew up, one of my biggest disappointments concerned archeology. As a kid, I was really convinced ancient civilizations left behind detailed explanations of their actions as a matter of principle. Usually, they left them in mysterious containers of remarkable craftmanship, with locking mechanisms well beyond modern scientific understanding. So, as an archeologist, your main task was finding the mindboggingly obvious clue as to what item worked as the key to that container, and which of your party’s members had had that item since birth, just to get it stolen by the villain at that precise moment…well, I watched a lot of B-movies as a kid. When I found out the truth about the work archeologists do, I struck it from my shortlist of possible professions without any further hesitation.

But now to something completely different: CAPTION CONTEST. Sorting files on my computer recently, I found this strip:
It belonged to a couple of ‘Star Trek’- themed strips I did for a project, but when the time came to letter those strips (a few weeks later), nobody involved could remember what the joke was supposed to be on this particular one. There must have been some joke, or I wouldn’t have drawn it, but I didn’t even have the slightest idea what it could have been, and still don’t. Somehow it involved drawing the characters as animals, and than there is this strange stone thing…
Well if anybody has any idea how this three panels can fit together to make a funny story, or any story at all, please write some captions and mail them to me. (my e-mail is ‘author’ at this domain, either place the text on the .jpg, or just write it down, stating which character is supposed to say what in each panel).
I’ll leave the strip up for two weeks, if nobody has any idea by then, I’ll finally throw it away for good. Winner gets the distinction of having authored a truly bizarre online strip (which looks great in a resumé, believe me) and a DIY- Rutentuten- figurine.

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