Chapter 1, Strip 27

That is the way in which dynasties end: Not with a crash, but with the ‘twang!’s and ‘thump!’s of a dozen arrows in the back.

You might think the evil vizier is a bit cliché, but this one prejudice is actually borne out by historical facts. Should you ever happen to become a king*, remember: If your right hand man appears selfless and modest, he is probably already plotting your demise. You don’t get to be vizier by really being selfless and modest, but rather by creatively getting rid of others.

I know that ‘malignant metaphysical effect’ is not scientific at all, but hey, this isn’t called B-Movie comic without a reason.
The scientific name for the ‘curse of the pharaoh’ is ‘aspergillus flavus’ (a certain infectious strain of mould, common to old burial sites).

*if you want to know the likelyhood of that, use this little questionaire:
Question 1/ 1:
Do people refer to you as ‘prince’ ?
A. Yes (1 point)
B. No (0 points)
Add up your points. If you have less than 1 point, the chances of you ever becoming king are slim, pretty slim. Your chances of ever becoming king-size depend on your dietary habits.

Oh, and don’t forget up the CAPTION CONTEST. Up to now, nearly everyone seems to be as duped as me.

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