Chapter 1, Strip 28

And thus begins, and ends, Omar Al-Extra’s membership in the BMovieComic cast. But even if we have to say farewell to him, his name will live on in his children, so keep it in mind.
We miss you, Omar.

There’s a a valuable lesson learned from this, of course: Never sleep with your best friend’s wife. In case you prefer your lessons less applicable to your own life (many do) let me rephrase that: When you are working on an archeological dig in Egypt, and your best friend is a shifty looking Arab, don’t sleep with his wife, or at least check whether he has any knowledge of Ancient magic, or mysterious papyri lying about, and don’t stand with your back to the sarcophagus.

The shifty looking Arab awakening the mummy is courtesy of the BMovie- classic “Curse of the Mummy’s Shroud”. How an Arab is supposed to fit into a tradition of Ancient Egyptian tomb-wardens is beyond me. My favourite scene from this movie must be another one, however: The paraoh steps out on the balcony, and is greeted by the cheering masses. We only get to see the pharaoh and the balcony,of course, and hear around four people cheering. Talk about being on a budget.

Speaking of people’s motivation, a new voting incentive should be up by now. I know the pun on this one is pretty poor, still, after I did the first sketches, I couldn’t stop myself – he just looks so happy. So vote for me. Please?

On Thursday: further ‘happenstances’ at the dig.
Oh, and the Caption Contest is still on: GO CAPTION ATTACK FORCE MEGA !

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