Chapter 1, Strip 29

And here we come to another case of short-term membership in the B- Movie- Comic cast. Unfortunately, this means that this poor fellow will miss out on all of the perks of long- term membership, like reserved parking, company credit card, or having a name. Even if it would only have been something like Assitant McSupportingcast.

As I already mentioned earlier, most of the complicated traps and devices commonly found in ancient tombs in the movies are pure Hollywood fancy, but simple pitfalls were indeed a regular feature of the better Egyptian tombs. Of course, the architects of such measures did not really expect anyone to fall for them (in the literal sense), such pitfalls were intended to slow would- be-tomb raiders down and prevent them from taking the larger artifacts out of the tomb easily.
Given the number of plundered Egyptian tombs, it seems to never have worked. Still, probably cost you a fortune back then, perhaps you could at least show off to your neighbour when you had one. (” I have a 500 cubic feet, imported assyrian pitfall in my tomb, not one of these unsophisticated domestic holes- in- the ground.”

Speaking of Pitfalls, for those of you who are old enough to remember, here’s an alternative version of todays strip:

Ah, those were the days. Yup, I’m THAT old.

And don’t forget the CAPTION CONTEST, winner will be announced on Monday, and those who don’t win won’t.

Also on Monday: More tombside carnage. Oh, and vote for me. The Ancient Egyptian gods command it, and you don’t want no trouble with those animal-headed freaks, yah reckon?

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