Chapter 1, Strip 30

Ah, another b-movie staple – mysterious prophecy. This is always useful, since it gives viewers the idea that the shallow, boring plot playing out before them is actually only an infinitesimal part of a vast, ancient, enigmatic plot that existed since the beginning of time. A vast, ancient, enigmatic, SHALLOW AND BORING plot, obviously.

Cut to Ancient Egyptian Temple:
Wise, old priest: ‘ And I see that in 40 times a hundred turns of the seasons, our fair princess Turtentiten will be reborn, and the curse will be lifted…’
Young Acolyte: ‘ F**CK, gramps, you can’t be serious! You devoted your whole life to mystical studies, just for the minuscle solace of knowing we’re all buggered for ONLY four millenia?’

Seth, the Strong, was the Ancient Egyptian god of the desert. A perpetual enemy of life- giving Osiris, he was rarely very popular, unless there was some serious kick-ass required.
‘Seth and soldiers we adore, in times of danger, not before.’ He had an animal head, although there’s some controversy as to what kind of animal it was supposed to be. Me not know, me just draw, is all.

Oh, and there’s a new voting incentive! If you saw the last, and last Thursday’s strip, you saw this one coming. (If you had devoted your whole life to mystical studies.) So vote for me, it makes the baby Seth smile !

On Monday, more mystical mumbo-jumbo.

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