Copyrights on those ran out millenia ago. – Chapter 1, Strip 33

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So here’s proof that as early as in Ancient Egypt, successful writers did not know when to leave well enough alone. (It’s in a web comic, that’s proof enough.)

The idea to have a ‘book of the living’ to counterpoint the ‘book of the dead’ is from Stephen Sommer’s ‘Mummy’ adaption, in Ancient Egypt there was just and only a ‘book of the dead’. Probably the living really loved the dead to much in those days.

Speaking of ideas I have stolen, ‘Hotsytotsy’ as name of an Egyptian queen is lifted from an old ‘Three Stooges’ short, ‘I want my Mummy’, and the same holds true for ‘Rutentuten’ as a pharaonic name. Here are my favorite lines from that movie:
(The stooges are supposed to lift a crate)
Moe: ‘I’m taking this end!’
Larry: ‘Then I’m taking that end!’
Curly: ‘Then I’m taking the end in the middle!’
For further viewing the short is available as free .rar- file at:, webhome of all lot of stoogey things.

Note the background in panels 2 and 3, by the way. One of the major advantages of setting a story in Egypt is that you get to use pyramids as backdrop. Ah, pyramids- difficult to build, indeed, but just SO easy to draw.

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