Library bellè – Chapter 1, Strip 34

Pinch me- Biff having an idea ? A GOOD one, even ?

Alas, why do you worry, Professor ? An artifact can have been cursed, burned, pulverized and painted pink before being tied to a lawyer and thrown into a volcanoe during an earthquake, on a foreign planet, eons ago – when it is needed within a B-movie plot, it can still suddenly pop up in a backalley curio shop, or just arrive by mail from a book club…

Goth rule # 1353: True goth poetry forms a spotless, perfect circle: it is born out of depression, and it leads back into more depression…

As promised, Biff gets to be useful this time around, and it is even something akin to mental activity. And for once, his grasp of the situation is ahead of the other’s – or do you really believe that someone could effortlessly find his way around a couple of ten thousands of books in a library just thanks to a clever registry system and professional experience? No, Biff has it right, librarians simply know the location of any book, thanks to magic, or perhaps they are a race of disguised Aliens living amongst us. Probably telepathically connected into a vast omnimind, which can locate any book by the minuscle impact it’s mass has on nearby morphogenetic fields – and that’s STILL a lot more plausible than that registry thing working.

Oh, and in case you wonder, that’s not my bookshelf in the background of panel three, just a royalty- free generic picture from:

And now to something completely different: Vote for me – I promise not to hike taxes. On Monday, B- Movie Comic will return with yet another professor’s appearance.

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