This line is taken from a movie. – Chapter 1, Strip 35

Yet another professor in this strip, when will it ever end? Does nobody think of the children?

Maria and Michelle of Shonen-ai Kudasai ( sent me a great picture of Mopey, showing how she would look if she was a guy. (Which she isn’t, but don’t tell Biff, he hasn’t noted yet.) Of course, I’m jumping at the opportunity to introduce a fan art section, to proudly put it on display: link

I assume you are all able to guess the name of the “Americon colleeg” mentioned by LaFebrezè, if only by the famous red dotted line that carries him all around the globe. The “Ta-ta-tata-ta-ta-tah!” is a poor and completely failing attempt to render the Indy title chime in letters.
Man, I just hope they finally sort everything out and start shooting Indy 4. I have been looking forward to that movie ever since it was announced, but with all the time passing, and Harrison Ford not getting any younger off lately, I’m suffering from acute anxiety. If you want to share that, check out today’s new voting incentive.
Oh, and for all your Indy- gear needs (needs?):

Prof. Jaques LaFebrezè is already the third professor around and a relatively minor character, so I’ll shower you with useless background information on him: Professor Jaques LaFebrezè came to Egypt with Napoleon’s army, and has been hanging around ever since. Over the centuries, he contributed to many major discoveries, giving rise to the phrase “LaFebrezè solves everything”, which was later abused as a marketing slogan by Ryan Sosa. By consuming large amounts of French cheese, escargot and red wine, he has overcome mortality, but he had to pay a terrible price: having to consume large amount of French cheese, escargot and red wine. Amongst other things, he helped organize a small federation of local shopkeepers in Cairo, which in far away centuries will have developed into the mighty trade federation, the viceroys of which will forever sport a fake (or make this faux) French accent in Prof. LaFebrezè’s honour.

And of course, instead of saying “I hope you gave him a fast car, old sport”, Prof. Broughtup- Snobishly could also have said: “I hope you gave him a fast, old sports car”, and still remain as archetypically british.

I already mentioned the new voting incentive, and on Thursday, BMovie Comic will return, and get it’s body count up by one.

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