A hard day’s even harder night. – Chapter 1, Strip 35b

No amount of care can protect a b-movie minor character from the inevitability of his fate…

Day / night continuity: a small and marginal consideration no true b-movie director would allow to stand in the way of his artistic vision. Especially if that vision is to keep within budget. Especially when keeping within budget is an issue connected to said director’s “in work and getting by”/ “unemployed and homeless”- toggle.
I’ve seen dialogue scenes where the two people talking appear to be in completely different time zones within the same small room.

Poor kid, such things make the already though life of a b-movie minor character even harder. It’s not the getting killed, that comes with the territory, it’s the snide remarks by the audience: “Oh, that stupid jerk, that was his own fault. What’s he doing outside in the dark?”

The young man, by the way, is (rather: was) one of the sons of Omar al Extra, of episode 28 (short lived) fame. I told you to remember the name, didn’t I? Of course, there’s no real reason for that, it’s just a little bit of unnecessary overcomplexity added to an already chaotic plot.
But I like the attitude behind his final words: They can make me die horribly and at an early age, but they can’t make me be composed and civil about it! I’ll break their stupid fourth wall to smitherens! (If Prof. Brouthup- Snobishly would have been in his place, he would have said something like: “I am going to die in a very horrible way in a very short while. I do not want to appear whiny, or unnecessarily preoccupied with my own importance, but I would want to be granted leave to remark that I consider that a rather unfortunate turn of events, indeed.”)
(I’m using to many parentheses (I know))

If you do not want that kid to have died in vain, vote for me. On Monday, when BMovie Comic returns, the al Extra family reunion will continue.

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