Breathtaking Closeup. – Chapter 1, Strip 35c

Yet another of Omar al-Extra’s offspring joins his father. With style. What makes a truly professional b-movie extra is not the way he walks, but the way he goes.

Well, have YOU ever seen a minor character walk away alive from such a closeup ? You know, the kind where they zoom in on his nervously darting eyes so close that you can make out single beads of sweat, then zoom out again, panning at the same time to reveal that ‘teh nasty’ is already standing directly behind him ? I don’t know what this kind of shot is called, but it’s such cheap exploitation, it’s pure b-movie magic.
Oh, and I wrote “walk away alive” on purpose – I HAVE seen extras walk away dead from such encounters – in many zombie flicks.

And thus another member of the al-Extra family joins their father Omar on the big supporting cast list in heaven. Must be especially hard on the mother, who is from the al-Expendable family that lost so many members in the war.
At least the younger al-Extras know how to go in style – he really milks it, doesn’t he ? And scratch yet another fourth wall – those don’t grow on trees, dude ! (Apart from the wood panelling, of course.)

In case you have any message for Fatimah, mail it to me – I’ll forward it. I made this strip mostly as a stern warning, regarding what comes from this ‘true love waits’- stuff. Girls, if your friend wants some, look at the face in that fourth panel and think it over – how would you feel if you shove him away today, and he gets killed by some undead pharaoh tomorrow night? Does nobody ever think of the children?

So, if you don’t want the kid to have died in vain, give some poor boy the opportunity to relieve himself of his virginity. If that’s not an option, vote for me instead. When we return on Thursday, Snuka gets to do some emo.

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