Another one bites the dust… – Chapter 1, Strip 36

What is more important in movies today: acting or SFX? Let’s compare prices…

The DVD- edition of ‘The Mummy’ (1999) contains two feature commentaries, one of which is by director Stephen Sommers and film editor Bob Ducsay. In it, the editor states that his job is cutting the movie to the desired length, while trying not to add so many inconsitstencies as to make the plot completely unitelligible. Later he explains that he didn’t dare to cut as much as a single frame with the CG- mummy in it, since these sequences were so expensive. I must say, the movie really shows this, uhm, pragmatic approach to editing. If you ever buy or rent the DVD, and you want feature commentary, go for the other one instead, by male lead Brendan Fraser. It’s not really informative at all, but fun, like going to the movies with a good natured, not- to- bright friend.

And thus, another one out of Omar al-Extra’s offspring is dispatched toward meeting his creator. I’ll have to check the exact numbers, but I guess we are slowly running low on them. (Just a moment – meeting his creator? Isn’t his creator me, actually? – Oops. I hope I’ve got enough soda and chips around…)

While I’m on the subject of b-movies (which is kinda always), the in-sect has a SPECTACULAR SPECIAL: ‘A tribute to b-movies in memory of R.K.O.’ A cool quicktime movie, accompanied by a ton of background information:

Speaking of SPECTACULAR*, there a 3 new items available in the shop, more specifically:
– a Snuka- themed messenger bag. If you ever run into trouble with stuff in this bag, let Snuka do the (fast) talking to get you off. Guraranteed not to work. Cool bag, though.
– a Professor- themed trucker cap. Posessed by the Brain from planet Arous, and proud of it.
– a Mopey- themed tile box. Put all your little belongings to a peaceful rest in this cute / morbid container.
No Biff- themed stuff yet, but I’m working on it.
*spectare, lat. ‘to view’. All our merchandise is guaranteed 100 % visible. We stopped selling invisible stuff when our bank stopped cashing invisible checks.

And a new voting incentive goes up today, so please vote for me. Especially if you always wondered what became of Dr. Fu Manchu after his career as sadistic supervillain. On Monday, no son of Omar will get killed, just for a change.

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