Calling all stations – Chapter 1, Strip 36b

Millenia are not enough time to extinguish true love. Nor are they enough time for the girl to get ready.

WHEE! Maria and Michelle of ‘Shonen-ai Kudasai’ (linkto: have sent me another fantastic piece of fanart. It’s a complete comic strip even, and is so characteristically Mopey and Biff, we can just assume it’s taken place immediately before my own strip of today. It can be found here: link.
Many lovies to Maria and Michelle, which I herewith explicitly exclude from my following misogynistic comments on today’s strip.

Bah, women. The problem is not the advance notice, it’s all the ‘small things’ they have to do at the last moment, or rather their assumption that these ‘small things’ don’t consume any time by virtue of their smallness, when, in reality, they consume a combined total of some hours.

At least Rutentuten doesn’t have to talk to her parents while waiting, that would have been awkward.
Dad: “So, Mr. Rutentuten, you are, as I understand, a King somewhere in Africa?”
Rutentuten: “I have been in retirement for a few millenia. And dead.”
Dad: “Oh, early retirement. That must mean you receive some kind of pension, right?”
Rutentuten: “Material triffles mean but naught to those that are dead.”
Dad: “Uhm…I see. That is very…modest of you. But of course you would be in a position to support our daughter?”
Rutentuten: “I will deliver her from the valley of mortal concerns into the desireless eternity of the beyond.”
Dad: “…I guess that solves that…problem. But your plans..I plan on marriage?”
Rutentuten: “Our bond already has been sealed in a existence removed from this by time and space immesurable. Nothing can dissolve it.”
Dad: “….!”
Mom:”……uh. Uh, would you like some darjeeling, Mr. Rutentuten?”
Rutentuten: “Oh. Do you happen to have any thana-leaf tea, perhaps?”

The spooky glowy green around Rutentuten is supposed to be his magic aura, or something like this. (I used green since Photoshop has no octarine.) For the less metaphysically inclined, it’s some kind of phosphorescent luminence from some mold on his decaying body, instead. I serve all tastes.
The artifacts in his hands are common for pharaonic burials, I thought he’d be formal for the ocassion. The hieroglyphic signs depicted in panel 6 do signify sexual intercourse (or ‘love-making’ as it is transcribed in most textbooks), and as such are a literal translation of F**CK, but the word wasn’t actually used as a swearword in Egypt.

I had considered adding a tumbleweed to panel 4, but I couldn’t find out whether there are any in Egypt.

That’s it for today, please vote for me, and come back on Thursday, when we will learn for whom Rutentuten is calling. (Although you probably could guess it based on gender.)

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