Gratuitous boob shot ! – Chapter 1, Strip 37

Just for the sake of accuracy ! I didn’t want to ! I swear !

Gratuitous boob shot!
I didn’t like to do it (believe me?), but it had to be done. It’s a b-movie comic, after all, and which b-movie (made after the 40ies) would be complete without one (or some) of these? So I did this only for the sake of accuracy, you see, and the suffering I had to go through in the creation of this strip was borne by me with the satisfied smile of righteous sacrifice. By the way, prints of this strip are at 4,99 $ plus freight/handling, or 14,99 $ without censorship bar. Just joking, of course.

Ah, the sweet pain of puberty. That magic time in the life of an adolescent male when he realizes everything is transient, that he will have someday say goodbye to everything and everyone he has ever known – teachers, friends, eventually even parents. Only the horny will remain. The horny will always be there for him.

Public service announcement, just to be on the safe side: Being horny 24/7 is NOT a healthy condition. If an erection persists for more than three hours, consult a physician.

Sidenotes: The text Mopey chants is actual middle egyptian, part of a hymn authored by pharaoh Echnaton and dedicated to Aton during history’s first, short- termed, flirt with monotheism.
Egyptian women did not tend to run around with their boobs out during most of that country’s history. While their mode of dress was everything but what you could call ‘modest’, breasts were usually covered up, save during the first few dynasties.

Please vote for me, and (more importantly) come back on Monday, when we will explore the secret behind Mopey’s suddenly quite un-gothy outfit.

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