Chapter 1, Strip 4

And here we introduce another important cast member, Mr. Hearse. It will pop up occasionally, but look different every time. There are two reasons for that:

1., Mr. Hearse’s mother was a Japanese car that could transform into a robot, so Mr. Hearse can also change his form.

2., I suck at drawing cars, but you probably already realized that from the massive scale discrepancy between the characters and the cars.

start tangent.
Actually, while at first sight hearses might seem to have the potential to be useful utility cars, in reality their chronic mechanical unreliability makes them pretty poor choices for expeditions. If Ghostbusters had been reality, the world would have been overrun by ghosts due to Ecto 1 constantly breaking down.
Dr. Venkman behind the wheel of a lamborghini wouldn’t likely have been much better, however.
Speaking of lamborghinis, do you know the one about the jew who wanted a mezzuzah for his lamborghini? No? Too bad, it’s funny.
end tangent.

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