Chapter 1, Strip 42

Bonus episode!

A Disclaimer regarding the Snukathon:
Working out is good, stealing is bad. Don’t break them laws.
(more detailed disclaimer: Working out is healthy, unless you work out so hard you get a friggin’ heart attack, then it’s, like, not that healthy anymore. Stealing is morally wrong, although the degree of wrongness is depending a lot on the specifics. Laws have been put there for a reason. In some cases, the reason is still valid. Breaking the laws will lead to punishment, unless nobody notes it or nobody cares about it.)
((Disclaimer disclaimer: Don’t read the detailed disclaimer.))

I really like that pun in the last panel. Not because it was good, but because it requires that complicated build-up to work. And just think about an olympic vault- pole competition.
Yet another disclaimer:
Most armoured vaults have doors much to massive for levering. You’re just going to hurt yourself. You’ll need a blowtorch, explosives, a jackhammer, a powersaw and various other equipment. Actually, it’s easier to just bribe the manager. And the easiest way is joining the bank’s management yourself, then you can steal all the money you want and blame it on your fond managers.

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