Scry and buy. – Chapter 1, Strip 43

Rutentuten gets up to date on recent events, providing a convenient summary – but you get nothing for free these days. (Rutentuten, that is, not you. You still get the b-movie comic for free, of course – and thats marginally more than nothing, at least.)

This scene, of course, is inspired by scenes from the original ‘Mummy’ movie with Boris Karloff. Karloff, as resurrected mummy Im-Ho-Tep, uses a pool in the floor of his home to mystically gain insights into the whereabouts and actions of his opponents. Apart from the double exposure creating the images in the water, these scenes have no special effects, Karloff plausibly creates the impression of wielding powerful magic solely with his well-placed, slow gesturing and his eyes.

Originally, the pool was also to be used to display a series of scenes describing past lifes of the Egyptian princess. These scenes were shot, but left out of the finished movie as being marginal to the main plot. Confusingly, some actors from the deleted scenes actually appear in the credits, even if they have nil screentime in the movie.

Karloff’s pool was a lot bigger than Rutentuten’s, of course, but I’m on a budget, and tried to save ink. *nodnod* Seriously, though, I wanted to fit everything into one frame, and so my mummy got stuck with a round sink instead of a pool. And has to endure commercials, to boot.

On a sadder note, ‘ A Modest Destiny’, one of the very best sprite comics and a milestone of that genre, is shutting down. is no longer updating, and will disappear within the next weeks. Visit there, and get all the goodness from the archives while you still have the chance.

A new voting incentive goes up today, and will answer another question of ‘Where are they now?’. Rutentuten will return on Thursday, and no more Mr. nice guy.

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