Rowdy (Roddy) Pipers – Chapter 1, Strip 70

Ha! I bet everyone had already forgotten about good old Sir Lostalot, but as you can see, he hasn’t been idle at all. While Professor Dr., Biff and Snuka followed Rutentuten’s trail, Lostey went to get some reinforcements. And, admit it, this is already a lot more logical than they would do it in a true b-movie. In a true b-movie, somebody would return with reinforcements after having been absent for only 5 minutes, if at all. Or else, somebody would disappear in search of reinforcements before there’s even any emergency foreseeable.

Of course there are no exclusively bagpipe-armed military units in reality. The Geneva Convention clearly states that any more than three pipers playing simultaneously constitutes a case of inhuman cruelty in warfare. (Oh, and in case you wondered, ‘of foot’ means ‘infantry’. It’s just … British.)

Don’t you already feel the dramatic climax draw nearer and nearer? Don’t forget to come back on Monday, when Rutentuten decides to get certain things done while he still has the time. In the meantime, I’d be nice if you’d vote for me, or visit the forums.

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