Going steady. – Chapter 1, Strip 71

Rutentuten is certainly none of those men that are unable to commit to a relationship. If it goes like he plans, he and Mopey will be wrapped up together for centuries…

Finally Biff gets to show off his leadership potential. He knows exactly what to do- while the good guys fight the bad guys in the hall below, the hero has to run up a flight of stairs on the right, pursuing the villain, who is off to threaten the girl. Biff learned that from Errol Flynn movies, off course.

Admittedly, Rutentuten’s delaying action is a bit unconventional, but as far as such attempts go, this one is likely to have very good price/value relation.

The boiling vat of natron is a staple of early mummy movies and fiction, and was believed historically correct at that time – later Egyptologists found out that the process of mummification went a bit differently. Generic Nubian servants also often feature prominently in moviemakers’ visions of Ancient Egypt, I based mine off Mantan Moreland, who specialized in portraying stereotypical, superstitious black servants (most famously Charlie Chan’s chauffeur). Naturally, his starring movies are a bit controversial today for that reason. Especially the one were he starred opposite a gorilla.

These knife sets sold on TV contain knifes for such absurdly rare tasks that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some actually did include mummification knives. I mean, what for does anybody require seventeen different knives? One cuts, what do the others do?

Anybody already having a suspicion what Rutentuten is up to? Hint: he wants to do to Mopey what every movie- mummy wanted to do to the respective female lead. But before that, he wants to mummify her. But Mopey can find solace in one thing, at least: He is really DEAD serious about their relationship.

Will our heroes still come in time to prevent Mopey’s transition from looking undead to actually being undead? Tune in Thursday, for the chilling climax of: ‘Revenge of Rutentuten’!

Oh, and if you could find it in your giving hear to vote for me, there’s a new voting incentive up today. It’s another Harry Potter themed one: Harry and Ron getting a bit of a shock during Muggle studies.

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