Thanksgiving Special 2005

Happy Turkey day, everyone!

Yeah, I know I promised the gut-wrenching (wink, wink) finale for today, but I hadn’t realized it’s Thanksgiving. And with most of the populace stuffed to the brim with culinary goodness, I realized gut-wrenching was the last thing we’d need.

So I decided to have a Turkey gutted instead of Mopey today, and host the first annual BMC cast thanksgiving dinner. Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves. Well, apart from Mopey, who wouldn’t enjoy enjoying herself, anyway.

Perhaps it was a bad idea letting Rutie come up with the recipe, but well, I’ve seen turkeys roasted with more conventional methods still end up looking and tasting like mummies.

Oh, and Biff isn’t ungrateful – he has a lot of thinks he is thankful for, he just needs a while to think. I’m a quarterback, Jim, not a philosopher.

The backgound picture for this strip is from Always my first stop if I use photos.

So I hope you are all enjoying your holiday, or just your day. See you on Monday, when the gutting action moves back into Mopey’s direction with (voicetype = eerie) “edge-of-the-knife exhilaration!”.

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