Chapter 1, Strip 83

Homeward bound at last. With Prof. Lostalot found and the curse of Rutentuten put to rest, Prof. Dr. is looking forward to going back to his research and teaching duties at Lillytown U, Biff is looking forward to Football, and Mopey staunchly refuses to look forward to anything in particular.

Snuka had been looking forward to staying in Egypt, living in luxury from the proceeds of selling the golden mask, but you know…those spoilsports at the Ministry of Antiquities, and their narrow-minded ideas about selling off important cultural heirlooms…
So for the foreseeable future, Prof. Dr. will serve as Snuka’s legal guardian and substitute parent – quite an unexpected challenge for somebody 103 years of age. Especially one whose ideas of ‘helping a kid grow up’ feature large doses of radiation directed at the hypothalamus. (‘Graarrgh! HULK smash!’)

Don’t worry because of Tera, she’s a much better pilot than you would think, and those modern airplanes are designed to be flown with one hand, after all. (Although the airplane in the photograph in panel 6 isn’t actually that modern – it’s a deHavilland Comet, pretty much the oldest jet airliner around. And actually landing, not taking off – my bad. )

Concerning the policeman’s uniform, I did no research into actual Egyptian Police uniforms – I just did what any b-movie costume master would have done, and came up with something vaguely uniformish, spiced up (or down) with random ‘oriental’ elements. The letter on the buckle is either abbreviated for ‘Police’ or supposed to help the Officer remember to take off his trousers before relieving himself.

And thus ends the first storyarc of BMC – the second storyarc will commence on January 23rd, although a couple of (mostly uneventful) months of ‘plot-time’ will be supposed to have passed. Next week’s updates, 16th and 19th, will feature two short epilogues to the first arc. Thanks a lot for reading, and enduring the many shortcomings of my first attempt at webcomickry – please stick around, this could become a fairly decent webcomic by around arc 10 or so 😀 (And bearing that in mind, please vote for me – in advance, so to say.)

On a personal note, my involuntary web absence still continues, and might even continue into next week or beyond, according to latest developments. The next time I move, I will start by setting up a second computer at the new flat, with a working Internet connection, two weeks BEFORE moving. If you need to contact me, use the forum or mail zep directly, he’ll let me know.

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