Life Springs Eternal – Chapter 1, Strip 84

That isn’t dead, which lies forever still… Boy, without net access, I can’t even check whether I remember that quote correctly.

Awww…isn’t that just the cutest baby mummy you’ve ever seen? (Thanks to Alexander for the idea.)

I briefly considered expanding this segment into a family sitcom, depicting the lives of a family of undead living in a collapsed tomb…’the mummy bunch’…but then, naw. I’m just no good at family humour, and the setting would have been rather limiting. So, sadly, we will never see Rutentuten have his mid-death crisis, and instead will leave it at those last, insightful words by Rutentiten, newborn prince of Egypt. (Who is yet unaware that he is destined to one day rule over all the undead in Egypt, and shall finally lead them in a merciless war against the living, when…but that is another story, and will be told another time. Or rather not.)

On a technical note, I hadn’t originally planned to have the last panel in color, but it turned out I just needed that greenish skin tone. Without it, Prince Rutentiten just looked too much like a standard, non-undead baby- no teeth, no hair, squished nose…

At least, I can now claim that I made Rutentuten suffer his just punishment – after all, he is not going to get too much sleep for a while…and it must be pretty difficult to change diapers beneath all those bandages…

I’m still without Internet access…and no TV, either – I’m really beginning to get out of touch with things…could somebody please stop the world for a while, just long enough for me to catch up? (whine whine) Bah, whatever – BMC will continue as scheduled, and that means – CHAPTER 2 STARTS ON MONDAY! If you are as giddy with anticipation as I am, I’ve been told that voting for me has a very soothing effect on the nerves. Honestly. Do these eyes that lie?

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