Mazeltov – Chapter 1, Strip 85

We have the honour and privilege to invite you to the nuptials of Ms. Gwendolynn Doctor and the Right Honourable Sir Lostalot Broughtup-Snobishly, Viscount Addlethorpe, Commander of the Order of the British Umpire (Cricket), A.B.C., D.E.F., G.H.I., J.K.L., etc. etc., esq.

So this is a little epilogue to ‘Revenge of Rutentuten’, something that takes place in the intervening months (of story time) between chapters one and two. George Lucas might never let you see that Han/Leia marriage sequence, but I just couldn’t pass up the chance to show Gwen hit the British upper class – with gusto. Alternatively to Gwen getting her cheergirl on in the hallowed halls of good old England, I had considered having Sir Lostalot invite his blue-blooded peers to a marriage before an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas – my favourite style of ceremony, anyway.

But the British upper class managed to successfully assimilate the Sachsen-Coburg-Gothas, so they will somehow deal with Gwen, I’m sure.

Of course, no offense to the Royal family or monarchy in general is intended. The hat the old gal is wearing is just a result of my own shortcomings as a designer of fancy fashion. 😀 (And let’s face it – some of the stuff you see on the heads of British socialites looks a lot like it came courtesy of the Mad Hatter of Wonderland.)

I still haven’t got Internet (SUCKS, by the way), but I managed to sneak a new voting incentive to you from my off-web exile. It’s another Episode III themed one, with a little stylistic experimentation thrown in.

Oh, and if I haven’t miscounted, it’s my 100th strip to day. Yay me (and you, for reading).
On Thursday, another little epiloguish thing, and then it’s off to chapter 2 on Monday.

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