Add Motivational Text Here – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 108

The shot with the airplane doesn’t really qualify as a motivation/determination shot…it’s technically a ‘beat’ shot that mostly serves to create a pause for added emphasis.

But a beat shot was called for, here, and the airplane-cruising-(or-rather-climbing)-overhead seems to be the stock type in anime. I don’t know why…but perhaps the airspace over Tokyo is just pretty busy in summer, making your chances of seeing an aircraft overhead when you’re taking a break uncommonly high. Since we can’t assume that air travel is still progressing on schedule in a place overrun with supernatural monsters, and since the protagonists are naturally doing their hiding indoors, there was no ‘natural’ way to get this shot – but a conveniently placed model of an aircraft ultimately enables it. Perhaps the former inhabitant of their hiding spot (wherever that is) was a hobby modeler, I don’t know.

The other shots, of course, are from the classic motivation/determination set. A shot from below onto a face staring off into the distance determinedly was already a firm favorite with Leni Riefenstahl – but is still popular today, despite that problematic ancestry, due to how well it works. Gregory follows it up with further classics: close up of his clenched fist, his teary face and then a super close up of a single tear impacting the floor. His dialogue is on fleek, as well – covering all the bases, plus an allusion to his own tragic backstory as a tree topper.
In short: He could hardly have done it better – save, perhaps, by not pointing out that fact into the general direction of the fourth wall. >_> You know that’s Mopey’s job, Gregory – have you asked her permission for that?
He’s got a point, though, and it’s one that seems often to be lost on de-powered heroes: even without superpowers you were accustomed to, you should still be able to do the kind of heroic things others are capable of without superpowers. Especially if the other in question is yourself, at an earlier stage in your life.

All in all, a pretty good effort at rallying the troops – and bound to be successful, I dare say. Not only on account of that quality alone, but also on account of the simple fact that the plot simply requires that rallying moment right now in order to move forward in any way.

More on Thursday.

3 Replies to “Add Motivational Text Here – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 108”

  1. Good point, Gregory. You don’t need the gimmick of this movie to hold your own.

    You just need guns, guts, and bravado!

    Preferably the guts should stay on your insides though.

    1. or that the guts belong to the other guy. as I always say today is a good day ti die so why don’t I help you get on with that?

    2. “I think I’m okay. The doc says all of the bleeding is internal, and that’s where blood is supposed to be, right?” XD (Roughly paraphrased from memory, I can’t even recall from what movie/show that quote originally came…)

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