Check your local listings – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 5

Yeah, as convenient as it is, for plot purposes, to leave a location’s specific…uh…location unspecified, in this case the issue came right back around again and bit the Professor in the backside. Good thing he had stuffed a pillow down his pants as part of his Nero Wolfe disguise.

And the other good thing is that our friends already know that they are facing and extraterrestial threat. With the location of Arulco not being defined any clearer than “somewhere on Earth”, with extraterrestial villains that piece of information is still useful – for it means that the aliens would have had to hire some local help to pull of their heineous act of kidnapping. I mean, I guess that the most common scenario for alien abductions doesn’t involve any henchmen drawn from the local talent pool, but it’s pretty clear that it was different in this case. Really obvious. Because of…reasons. I don’t really think I have to go into them, it’s so clear. And the poll numbers all assume an electorate like 2008, that’s why they are all skewed. >_>

So, anyway – despite the pillow in his pants and the fact that the issue of Arulco’s location just bit him in the backside, the Professor has managed to draw the fact that a local villain was involved right out of his ass. Now all that remains is checking the Yellow Pages of Arulco for villains and henchmen…since it is quite obvious that that’s the same thing the Aliens would have tried first. They aren’t stupid, never mind the crop circles.

And once the Professor has found what he’s looking for in the listings, the next step is quite clear…

…hurrying to the kitchen before Biff can do something stupid that ruinds the braised duck. Or the kitchen. Or the building.

More on Monday.

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