Come see the parade! – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 25

Our friends are in luck, since it seems they have infiltrated the enemy base at just the right moment – the Uranians are distracted, busy with putting on one of their elaborate May Day parades. Admittedly, the odds of that weren’t terribly long, since the Uranians, being super-communist, put on a May Day parade every day. And two on Sundays.

Unfortunately, Gregory was caught up in communitarian spirit of the moment and joined the marchers looking for brains. As Mopey correctly points out, zombies tend to be slaves to their horde instinct. And cinematic tradition spoke for the same thing – after all, zombies are used as B-movie stand-ins for communism nearly as often as Aliens, and in the same subtle manner. I don’t know on which basis Mopey generalizes her statement, though – as far as I know, Gregory is her first zombie boyfriend. Perhaps she’s joined some online discussion group of zombie lovers, or something like that.

Making the Aliens red-skinned was another one of George Geekish’s win/win ideas – not only does it subtly stress the political parallel, it’s also dang cheap, compared to any other kind of “alien” make-up. The greatest expense connected with it is having to digitally alter all of the stock parade footage – and even that took only minutes. Some edits to the audio were also necessary, but George’s impulse to do a particularly careful job about that was reined in by the fact that he didn’t understand the words to begin with.

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