Countless companions – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 84

So before they set out on their trip through time, the Professor made everyone fill out a card with a guess as to who the mystery villain hiding behind the apparent villain might be. He likes parlor games and cases such as this, where the fate of the whole worlds hangs precariously in the balance, seem like the perfect occasion for some.

Too bad nobody got the answer right- everyone seems to have played it safe, and gone with the most likely choice for time-travel scenarios. They underestimated the scriptwriter’s ambition, though, who only went for the most likely choice in the first draft…and the first three rewrites…before deciding he wanted something original and unprecedented instead! So he went for the next best choice: the villain from the prequel. It’s not the height of originality, but he just didn’t want to risk triggering his vertigo.

As for the two slightly deviating answers, I think it’s obvious enough whose they were: panel 4 is Biff’s (who meant Hitler, but couldn’t remember the name) and panel 5 is Gregory’s, who just has a thing for brains.

Speaking of not being able to remember names, Mopey has a feeling that “Professor Chronometricos” wasn’t the name she was looking for, and that there was somebody else…or two…but she just can’t recall the names, either. >_>

In case you’re wondering: the prize for getting the bet right would have been one of Time-on’s collectibles. He’s got a lot of weird stuff that he’s picked up when it would no longer be missed by history, like the true first draft of the Gettyburg address, and such. (“A while ago our fathers founded a nation around here, just because they could and were tired of the Brits always telling them what to do. But off lately, people have been really crabby with each other, and…”

More on Thurs…uh, sorry, Monday.

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