Trust, but berry pie. – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 83

As a scientist, the Professor tends to go with “trust, but verify” under most circumstances.

As a human, however, he doesn’t always measure up to his own best practices, and goes for a slightly different approach, called “trust for now, wait for verification to hit you over the head, but pretend everything is A-okay in the meantime”. Despite the longer and more complex name, this policy is actually a lot easier to follow, and does seem to enjoy a much bigger fanbase in real life.

The timebook, not to be confused with the Book of Time, is just Time-on’s laptop computer. It’s actually a bog-standard computer in most regards, save for a few additional calendar features users like him need:
– synchronize calendar over multiple devices
– synchronize device over multiple calendars
– synchronize multiple calendars over multiple instances of the same device across several centuries
– synchonize multiple intances of multiple devices across multiple, parallel universes over multiple instances of multiple calendars at the same point in time
– order aspirin online

More on Thursday.

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