Cracking Development. – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 20

Hah! FAKE-OUT! Mopey pulled a fast one on the mysterious meteorite.

She and Biff weren’t really calling it a day and leaving – Mopey is, quite obviously, genre-savvy enough to know that that would have been an invitation to inevitable and, what is much more, unobserved disaster. Instead they hung around just outside the door, waiting for the meteorite to feel the distinct freedom from oversight which would let it finally reveal itself (to the audience) as an entity capable of action, and not just an object.

Well, and now that it’s done that, there’s no way back for it. It’s begun cracking open like an egg, and stopping now wouldn’t really change that fact – so it might as well carry on with it.

And that it does so grants Mopey leave to finally start to refer to the mysterious meteorite as an Alien egg, which it is, as was quite obvious from the start. Aside from a slight slip-up on the part of Gregory, the embargo on that crucial bit of information worked out well, but it’s over now.

So, in short: the egg is an egg, and it’s hatching. Finally, real progress. St. Zarkov has provided, and big time. You might want to consider getting your own shrine to him if you tend to get stuck on scientific problems with any kind of regularity.

More on Thursday.

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