Crash into Hello, again! – Chap. 6, Epilogue 7

And now Epilogue No. Seven lets us catch up with the Professor, and shows what he’s been up to, and where – and when – he’s been.

Let’s say he’s doing reasonably well, all told. On the one hand he’s had a pretty good day, because he ran into an old friend. On the other hand, he’s had a somewhat crummy day, because he ran into an old friend. ._.

In the defence of both of our friends, right-of-way privileges are somewhat vaguely defined if you’re moving around in space and time. The basic rule is right before left, and sooner rather than later, while the opposite applies BCE. But not if you’re using the carpool lane, or your time machine has an historic vehicle or handicapped person license plate. But the Professor’s DeLorean is only registered for historic person and handicapped vehicle, which is not quite the same…and he came from the past left, while Time-on came from the future right. @_@; Bah, they’ll figure it out someway, and it’s not like their insurance premium weren’t already in the highest bracket to begin with…

More on Thursday!

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