Finally out of it – Chap. 6, Epilogue 6

This sixth epilogue mostly serves to reassure anybody who might have worried regarding the fate of Prince Albert.

He might not have played a very large role in the plot, but he is royalty, so one has to consider the heightened level of attention that parts of the audience tends to pay to such people. =P

As you can see, everything is well with him – he was apparently still on the can when the island began to sink, but managed to get out in time and be handed a life preserver by somebody.

He did have to swim quite some distance, though, since Royal Navy ships are no longer nearly as numerous or ubiquitous as he seems to remember from back in the day. And the swimming was made harder by the fact that he couldn’t rule the waves, since he’s just the consort, not the sovereign.

But the important thing is that he returned home safe and sound, and that his diplomatic mission was a success – since he managed to avoid insulting his hosts. Which other prince consorts we could mention were not always able to achieve. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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