Hideous Hymeneals – Chap. 6, Epilogue 5

Epilogue No. 5 deals with a legitimate thread-left-hanging situation…which should really have been dealt with before – but Mopey was definitely not looking foward to it, and I didn’t want to pressure her.

Said thread, of course, consists of the fact that Mopey, compelled by circumstances, had gotten married to a complete stranger (here to be exact) – and had been kind of putting off telling her boyfriend of that fact. She was worried that … uh… it could complicate their relationship, and that Gregory might even be a little bit cross about it. So she wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity to casually drop it into a conversation at some point… but it’s quite astounding how rarely everyday conversation creates opening where that sort of news would fit in smoothly.

But than her husband insisted of having a little marriage ceremony, since the original event was so sober and frugal, and that kind of forced Mopey’s hand. For to properly signal her considerable distress at the whole situation, she dressed in white for the occasion – as clear a signal of distress as any for a goth, even if it oddly mimics the sartorial choices often made by non-goths for such occasions. And that was simply bound to catch Gregory’s attention, and raise questions.

All in all, though, I’d say Gregory reacted to the news in as calm and composed a manner as anyone could have hoped for. The news even just barely killed him.*

So all that’s left to say is wishing Gregory a speedy recovery and Mopey a happ…well, no, she doesn’t actually want that. Wishing Mopey an unhappy marriage and a successful revenge on the Professor for causing the whole mess. As for the groom, all I can wish him is some generic good luck, since he’ll definitely need it – he probably has no idea yet how much, in fact. *throws a handful of rice into the general direction of the internet*

More on Thursday!

* And he’s used to that, after all.

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