The endless road – Chap. 6, Epilogue 4

This fourth little dialogue mostly serves to bring closure to the kaiju character…enclosure, to be more specific.

For it seems Monster Island is not quite the undisturbed paradise for giant monsters it once used to be. An evil shadow has fallen over the island…it has been inflitrated by darkness, in the form of a desparate, haunted young man…himself a helpless victim of an uncontrollable compulsion. “Catch ’em all”, the voices in his head murmur, “Gotta catch ’em all”…the chorus of ghostly voices never falls silent, and there is no hope for peace for our young friend until he has satisfied their obscene call.

But their seems no end to “’em”, either…no matter how many monster he catches, there always seem to be new ones popping up shortly thereafter…small ones, big ones…weird ones…wearily he presses on, taking life a day at a time, hardly daring to hope anymore that he’ll ever know release from the fate of the hunter…

Pikachu looks cool with those shades, though. =D

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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