Non-uniform Sizes – Chap. 6, Epilogue 3 B

OK, so I kinda couldn’t let stand epilogue No. 3 on it’s own, it required this epilogue No. 3 B. As used to being in trouble as Snuka is, it wouldn’t have been a real happy end if I had not set him at least on the way to a successful escape.

This required a little sacrifice on Snuka’s part, however…and while he wasn’t terribly happy with the hairdo he had before today, this new one he likes even less. But it’s helpful on two levels: on the practical level, it makes him harder to pick out from the crowd around that cruiser. And on the meta-level, shaving one’s head can count as a suitable sign of contrition, thus giving him a shot at cheating the karma that got him into this mess in the first place. So it’s 2-for-1, and it’s going to grow back, after all. Hopefully. >_>

And then I made use of the opportunity to bring some closure to the villager characters, as well. Just a little update to show how they’re coping with their new lifes as IJN sailors, after their slightly precipitous descision to volunteer for such. As one would have suspected, they’re coping rather badly, actually…the impromptu nature of their decision not being helped by the fact that Admiral Watanabe’s outfit seems to also have been kind of unprepared for such a sudden influx of fresh recruits…of non-standard sizes. But that’s ALSO a happy end, actually…for if they had resigned themselves to their new circumstances, they would have joined the ranks of the name- and faceless henchmen – and thus stood a scant chance to survive the Admiral’s next run-in with some heroes. By remaining in intellectual opposition, they instead preserve their option to join the Resistance/Rebellion at that point in time. Which dramatically improves their chances of survival, especially if they do it late in the movie.

More on Thursday!

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