Creeping Threat – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 11

Well, that’s quite a conundrum – I’m sure Mopey just wanted to be proactive and not let their opponent benefit too much from higher momentum, but it seems she gave the order for bracing a bit prematurely. And now they’re kind of stuck that way. While it’s preferable to be braced for an enemy attack, it is admissible and not considered unheroic not to be, especially in case of a surprise attack. But bracing yourself, noticing it was too early and unbracing, and then bracing yourself again later? Now, that would just make you look unprofessional, wouldn’t it? It even reads ridiculous. No, now that they’ve embarked on being braced, they’ll just have to grin and bear it until it becomes relevant, no matter how long it takes. Bummer, but can’t be helped.

That being said, how long is it going to take? That attack really seems to be developing at an unusually measured pace. Quite unusual – a slow build-up to a rapid attack is considered best practice in this field, but a long build-up to a slow attack? That seems a bit excessive, unless there’s a good explanation. Perhaps somebody can’t risk getting another speeding ticket?

More on Monday.

6 Replies to “Creeping Threat – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 11”

  1. It’s a Megatherium, isn’t it? I could recognize those wicked claws anywhere…
    It’s a slow, slooow, sloooooooow but deliberate doom that’s facing our heroes.

    1. That’s a very good guess, and very close to the truth…both in regards to the threat’s identity, as well as in regards to the threat’s pace. XD

  2. There is a thing called “hold masculine frame” over here in the states, which essentially means to puff up like a bird or flex like a gorilla–essentially what these folks are doing here. When I see guys do this IRL, I half-expect one to sprout peacock plumage…

    1. I wasn’t aware of the expression, but it does seem to refer to the same thing…or perhaps you could say that it refers to the thing that actors (and cartoon characters) are wont to do when the script calls for “bracing oneself”, at the very least, even if the concepts might not be entirely identical. XD

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