Curiosity Kills Spiders, Too – Chapter 7, Prologue 52

Yaaay! I’ve forgotten to post an arachnophobia warning again! One more time, and I’ll have an official streak! But they say “better late than never“, so…If you’re suffering from arachnophobia, don’t look at panels two and three of today’s strip! There’s a spider there. A big one. >_>

So, yeah…while K’ip and Si’ri are descending into the dungeon below real!Ad’nanapart, the palantir/crystal ball/magical sphere left behind by an at-that-time-still-demonically-possessed Sir Gianfor wreaks havoc in the other dungeon below fake!Ad’nanapart. It kinda needed to, for technical reasons – the prologue is about to end, after all, and the Big Bad hasn’t only remained off-screen, he hasn’t even done anything particularly evil up to now. That can’t stand, for it’s obligatory that some sort of evilness credential is submitted in the course of a prologue.

Burning down a village or four would be optimal, but in a pinch, the cruel execution of a failed (or perceived to have failed) henchman will do. But the shadow demon was smart enough to take the scenic route home to the main lair, and he’s still needed for the plot, anyway…so some other henchman/person/thing has to stand in. Which isn’t bad, anyway, since executing an innocent henchthing is even more evil. Too bad, though, that none but one of the giant spiders was available, because giant spiders have something of a limited ability to trigger a sympathy reflex in the audience. I even experimented with giving the spider puppy dog eyes, but that only made it more disturbing.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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