Dāku Furatto Toppu – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 7

In the spirit of keeping things moving along at a brisk pace, Snuka is reintroduced, re-established and crosses the moral event horizon all in one single strip.

His experiences in the Netherlands of the Force and in Atlantis have left an indelible mark on good old Snuka. Before that, he was clearly gravitating toward the thug life – but after his resurrection and return, he decided to look into the criminal cultures and histories of his new homeland in much more depth, and now he’s hanging with a completely different criminal outfit…in a completely different outfit…an outfit which qualifies as a crime in its own right. All in all, still one of his better attempts at somehow fitting in.

Don Cordilimone is his new fatherly friend and mentor, as well as occasional employer. Of course, “Cordilimone” isn’t his real name – it’s just a nickname, because he tends to be a little bit sour at heart. His real name is Mario. Don Vito Mario. His nephews, Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, work as plumbers in New York, as the family accent could have told you…

As for the moral event horizon, I felt that the thing with the decapitated horse just didn’t cut it anymore. Done too often already to really shock. But laying a finger on Pinkie Pie? Now that’s a crime so unspeakable I can feel confident that no reader is going to feel the slightest bit of sympathy for Snuka when, inevitably, he dies again later in the chapter.

And, yeah, there’s just the wall behind that door to the Lab. Nobody told George the set was supposed to have a real door there.

More on Thursday.

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