Damn the torpedoes! – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 21

Yeah, the Professor’s appointment with the Arulcan Civil Aviation Authority went somewhat poorly. He didn’t even managed to get into the building proper…when he told the civil servant at the gate he had come to ask for assistance, the guy shouted “Help? Never! Death before dishonor!”, pulled out a old-fashioned detonator with a T-shaped handle and blew the whole place sky-high (ironically).

Fortunately, the Professor has another option…a much more obvious one, in fact, but naturally they first had to try and fail with the less obvious one. The ways of obviousness are mysterious, obviously. Or follow the needs of the plot.

As for panel 2, despite having switched to a much more contemporary wardrobe in general, the Professor is not going to give up on his gaiters. That would simply be asking too much.

As for panel 3, Snuka’s new shoes are perfectly in tune with the rest of his new wardrobe. And that’s the best thing you can say about them.

And, yes, Dick Dastardly’s submarine is equipped with torpedoes with lasso warheads. Flying lasso torpedoes, which can be launched vertically. If your submarine doesn’t have those, you don’t have the newest model. Check your local dealer for a reasonably-priced upgrade.

Biff, naturally, remains unaware of his girlfriend’s disappearance. As well as of countless other things. Like the discovery of what is likely the skeleton of Richard III in Leicester. Or the dietary value of spinach. Still…I don’t know why, exactly, but his ignorance of his girlfriend’s disappearance seems to have a certain, special poignancy, even in the proper context.

More on Thursday.

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