Dark horizon – Intermission, Strip 10

With the epilogues behind us now, it’s time to get moving with the foreshadowing for the next chapter.

It’s not only a time-honored literary tradition, it’s more necessary than ever in the movie biz! Even Nolan Nobucks has learned, by now, that you can’t have a movie without hype anymore. And since that development is still gathering steam, he’s already looking forward to the days when you’ll be able to have hype without a movie – that’ll finally bring production costs down to the level he likes.

But we aren’t there, yet, so the only two options are the ones outlined: either some technical mishap is preventing the foreshadowing to be as enlightening as it’s supposed to, or the overbearing darkness is symptomatic of the next chapter’s mood.

Which will it be? Well, I’m sure Mopey and the Professor will do something to find out, because – SCIENCE!

More on Thursday.

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