Vocationally acquired phosphorescence – Intermission, Strip 11

“Rogue’s Weltanschauung” obviously being their world’s equivalent to “Assassin’s Creed”. I can’t exactly tell you which of our friends’ little mess-ups with the timeline caused the name to change, probably Mopey’s burning down of Rome.

And Snuka would naturally be enchanted with games like those – fun AND educational. He’s always among the first to acquire them, as soon as a new one comes out. And, yes, he ‘acquires’ them. I didn’t write ‘buy’ for a reason…that reason being that it’s Snuka we’re talking about, after all.

Although I guess the developers would still get something out of it, since Snuka likely drops them an email with his corrections and suggestions after a playthrough – based on real life experiences. Of a friend, of course. Real life experiences of a friend of his. Right.

As for the first panel, that’s just something I remember once noticing in a movie, although I can’t recall which one – but I clearly remember thinking “Sure, a large group of people of different ages, and the octogenarian is the first one to notice a faint sound in the distance. That line would have worked better for anyone else.” XD

More on Thurs…uh, sorry, Monday.

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