Daydream Deliver – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 99

Well, well, well…I guess the whole situation has made the Paladin a bit tired and emotional, and he let his mind wander down an inappropriate road for just a few moments. No human is free from sin, after all, even if they’re professional pursuers of virtue, like paladins.

Where did that mental meandering come from, though? Was it old-style!Snuka’s lingering or latent delinquency, the hormonal confusion caused by a still unfamiliar adult body, or was it something that comes with the territory when you’re a paladin? I wouldn’t rule out the latter – if you’re serious about pursuing the path of virtue, you necessarily spend a whole lot of time thinking about sin, and getting into that sort of habit can have unintended consequences in the long run. Professional pursuers of vice might actually find it easier to follow the path of virtue, at least most of the time – as long as they’re not actively engaged in sinning, they probably feel little need to think about sin in any depth.

Wherever that little daydream did come from, it has lifted Snuka’s spirits considerably…it’s possible that Mopey is about to do something that’ll bring them crashing back down to earth, but I’ll leave that off-screen and unresolved, so it’s not canon. Snuka deserves a little moment of bliss, every now and then. Especially since it’s such a useful moment – for the real purpose behind this particular strip is actually that I have long wanted an opportunity to have Si’ri be actually visible at least once, and obviously it came down to now or never by this point.

So, in case anybody cares about canonicity: The scene Snuka envisioned never really took place, but that is indeed what Si’ri looks like when she grows to human size and turns off her glow. Buuut…don’t tell Snuka, but Si’ri is canonically not into paladins, actually. =P

More on Thursday.

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  1. If only fairies could grow to human size, that Legend of Zelda cartoon would take a completely different turn.

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