Death from above – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 23

Seems our friends have struck on a surprisingly effective method to get rid of all those guards – too bad they’ve already snuck past all of them. Now the method is superfluous, and the result qualifies as a massacre/atrocity. But they can claim the banana peel exception for that, so they aren’t criminally liable. It’s somewhere in international law, atrocities originating from people slipping on banana peels automatically count as hilarious, instead of as crimes against humanity. I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere. I think.

Please also note how thorough I am regarding historical authenticity – the samurai commander is saying that weapons don’t fall from the sky. Seems he’s never heard of paratroops – which, of course, he wouldn’t have, this being the 16th century! I’m astoundingly great with details like that. *cough*stoplaughing*cough*

More on Thursday.

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