Meanwhere, at the same outside of time – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 24

Well, the chances that it isn’t aren’t very large. A bad omen, I mean. “I hope that isn’t a bad omen” is one of those sentences, you know – I don’t think there’s a single instant in the whole history of movie scriptwriting where that sentence was employed without it actually turning out to have been a bad omen. The audience would probably feel cheated if that ever were the case, their investment of anticipation stolen from them.

Although I’m not sure it’ll be quite as bad as Time-on is fearing. Fortunately, modern weaponry is quite fragile, so it’s doubtful that too much of it will remain in a workable condition after a trip south from a mountain six (or was it nine?) times as tall as Silhouette Mountain. Early 19th century weaponry might have been more of a problem, since it’s powerful enough to complete alter the history of 16th century Japan, yet a lot more robust. But I’m sure I’m completely wrong here, because otherwise he wouldn’t have said that ‘bad omen’ thing. ._.

And, yeah, Team Zeitgeist is already on its way back, or rather forward…in time…at the same time…or, I mean, the same moment. I mean, while Team Doctor is on its way back in time, the other time, uh, team, is concurrently, whatever that means in that frame of reference, on its way, or rather its time…uh, it’s time-way…at the same time, but in the opposite, uh, what you couldn’t really call direction. Somehow. Apparently.

More on Monday.

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