Deferred Fanservice – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 2

Who are you, who is so wise savvy in the ways of science genre?

That question will have to remain unanswered for a while, but I think it’s very obvious what her place in the plot is, with regards to this situation.

Snuka went through the moves that are obligatory at the start of this sort of thing, and that meant he had to bump into someone at that specific corner (i.e. the first corner after the focus shifts to him). Normally the runner is female and the…uh, target is male, so that had to be adapted to the specifics in play here.

Which created a bit of a problem with another mainstay of this situation: If you want to stick to the stereotype as closely as possible, the runner’s panties would have to be revealed – at least to the person she ran into, if not the audience as well (depending on the level of fanservice you intend to provide). At first I wasn’t sure if I should just transfer that part to the other person, but then I felt it would be funnier if the girl was just genre-savvy enough to know the stereotype and turn it around before impact.

Snuka’s reaction is not intended to imply that he is wearing panties, by the way – he’s just naturally prone to react in a ‘guilty’ way to any sort of (even implied) accusation…a habit formed by the fact that, well, he is guilty in very many of these cases. And to that you can add the conformist pressure exerted by the stereotypicality of the situation. XD But while I didn’t intend to imply it, you’re naturally still free to speculate, if you want to – after all, it’s not like Snuka has never worn female underwear before. XD

More on Thursday.

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      1. Eons ago, I had the opportunity to help a young guy in the dorms who was about to ruin his clothing by stuffing them all into one washer on hot. Taught him about separating whites from colours, rough with soft fabrics, water temps, and fabric softener. One of the few times younger people *listened* to me instead of going off on their own and screwing up anyway.

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