Diaerated Head – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 7

Spoiler: it took more than a few minutes, but I’ll mercifully leave the rest of the process off-screen. It took almost two weeks before Biff was able to wear his glasses more than three hours in one go without suffering physical effects.

But I felt I just had to elaborate on the process of Biff’s early adaption a bit – it was a pretty drastic change, after all, and I think the temporary physical effect hammers that point home quite nicely. XD Biff is lucky I’m not Jack Kirby, though, or he’d likely be stuck with that sort of swollen cranium for the rest of the comic.*

And to hammer it home a bit more, the sample text I used contains a lot of words that I don’t know, let alone old-school!Biff.

More on Monday.

* Of course that’s pretty much the only regard in which Biff can feel lucky I’m not Jack Kirby. In most other respects he’d be way better off if I was. XD

2 Replies to “Diaerated Head – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 7”

  1. “In most other respects he’d be way better off if I was.”

    Depends how he feels about punching nazis….

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