Dictionary Learning – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 21

Yeah, Snuka is rightly pissed at that! All those times he got into trouble with the law…most of it just because he didn’t know that he doesn’t have to answer questions truthfully, if he doesn’t want to. His youth was practically wasted!
Well, the part of his youth which is already over was wasted. And, admittedly, it was kinda wasted anyway, but now it turns out that it was even more wasted than he ever realized before. The part of his youth that’s already over was practically even more wasted than he ever realized before. Still bad enough.

And it could have been so easy…the Professor nearly always carries his dictionary on him, so if there just had ever been something to get him onto the subject of lying, Snuka could have had this life-changing epiphany ages ago! Admittedly, the Professor always encouraged him to read the dictionary on his own, anyway…but nobody could have possibly expected him to actually do that, could they?

But don’t worry, I’m sure Snuka won’t mope around for any major amount of time…the past is past, but he has a future to look forward to, now more than ever! A future full of blatantly unadmitted criminality. It’s like an undiscovered country.

More on Thursday.

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